What are the latest monitors released in 2018?

As time goes by, technology has been improving rapidly. When you are traveling from place to place, you may have noticed the ever changing and improving hotel amenities from leisure spa down to entertainment. In fact, these leisures are among the reason that people love the benefits of traveling. Every electronic, gadget, appliances and other types of technology has gone through a lot of process to achieve great advancement in every year.

Apart from gamers, we also have people who are keen on editing pictures and videos which are now considered as their source of living. Due to demand usage of monitor for these type of people, companies such LG, Apple, Samsung and more has created more advance monitors to satisfy customer’s needs.

Nowadays, a lot of people particularly young ages have been crazy about online gaming, play station and Xbox which all require having a monitor, check out Best Screens for Xbox One X appropriate for your family. Many top hotels are now offering these types of entertainment for guests with the whole family.

Here are some of the latest monitors released in the year 2018.

Best 4K Gaming Monitors in 2018!

1. BenQ PD3200U

It is undeniable that due to love and passion people feel for their work they become busy as a bee especially those who are really keen on designing, editing and gaming which requires the usage of computer. BenQ has now included the PD3200U, a 32-inch Ultra high def display. It has 4 mins response time and excellent for creators and 3D designers. In addition, the PD3200U is added also because computers nowadays are equipped with encoding technologies which can display at the intended resolution which results in a high demand for 4k monitors.

2. Acer Predator X34

This model is an outstanding example of what an ultra-wide monitor can do. Despite the fact that it may not be a good choice for watching your favorite series or movies on Netflix, or playing one of your most favorite video or online game, it still has various features that can surprise you. What’s more it does all the heavy lifting for you which makes worry free on enabling VSync and stressing out your graphic cards. It can already be immensely compared to a gaming monitor.

3. Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

The Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K is one of the superb monitors that will astonish you with its great features. The company did a good job and really pulled it off when they went along way to ensure that the reproduction of the color and build quality will be as good as possible. It has a surprisingly 8k resolution that only a few model of monitors can level up with it. However, due to its exquisite performance, buying this monitor will surely cost you an arm and a leg which makes it suitable for professionals such as designers and image editors. Nonetheless, if you are a person who don’t care about the cost anyway and would still want to have superb experience with technology, Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K is the best and most recommended for you.

4. Acer S277HK

It is undeniable that to experience a 4k display, you would need to pay for a costly price for it. However, it is the opposite case for Acer S277HK. You can actually get the best of both worlds with this monitor. Well, as they say it is better seen than heard so grab the chance to experience this wonderful monitor to suit your needs and wants particularly for those who prioritize “zero frame”, reasonable cost and high pixel density.

5. LG 34UC79G-B

Are you a gamer who enjoys running games using AMD- or Intel-based graphics as well as a person who loves the experience of ultra-display at the same time will not cost you a fortune? Then you have to consider LG 34UC79G-B. This could be your perfect choice. Although, its resolution is lower compared to other widescreen display on the market, it is guaranteed that it can pull a crisp image with magnificent color quality. Hence, if gaming is your life then make it more thrilling with this model.