Ways to Travel on a Really Minimal Budget

Let’s talk about how to travel on a super minimal budget. Traveling on a budget may seem impossible to many especially for those who are used to travelling with extra to see them through a strange and new place. But if you are in your 20’s and you love adventure, you will really find a way to travel even in a very tight budget.

Thanks to SEO companies like Tucson SEO, you can easily find easy and affordable travel plans for a solo to a group traveller. But what if travelling is unplanned and you just need to get there? Sometimes it happens and you have no choice but to travel even in a really tight budget.

Let’s dig deeper into ways to travel even with a super tight budget.  Of course, the basics are already covered such as travelling light with just a carry on bag and we could move on to our travel on a really cheap budget.

Booking a cheap flight.

Always compare flight offers. You can find budget friendly airfare to the destination you are going. All you need to do is diligently make a research and compare. Don’t go for business, opt for economy. That will save you a lot of money. Check it out, many travel sites give really cool tips for you to find the cheapest flights around.


We all know that regular hotels are expensive. But there’s a solution to getting a really cheap accommodation and perhaps even free accommodation plus getting to meet new friends. Have you ever heard of couch surfing? Couch Surfing is a website where people from all over the world get to hangout in their sofas or spare rooms and you get to stay with them for free. This is a great way to stay with a local, live and learn a day or two with their culture, and meet great new friends.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of couch surfing, you may want to consider booking hostels, these accommodations are perhaps the 2nd best thing. Hostels are great too because you get to meet so many people. There are even hostels designed to accommodate guests who love to party and drink.


Yes, food can consume most of your budget when travelling. But if you are really into the place, you can discover great street foods. But beware, of course you have to observe some good neat places to get really cheap yet clean foods aside from street foods. Order a budget meal or find out where most of the students take a bite.

Local transportation.

You want to move from one place to the other in a certain country? Avoid hailing a taxi cab, go ahead and ride with the public. If they have some kind of unique transportation, go ahead and ride on it. Usually bus, trains, and perhaps some sort of local transportation in an area is cheaper because it services the public. Taxi is just way too luxurious for those travelling on a budget.

Shops, small gifts, and souvenirs.

Ask yourself how much souvenir can you afford and add in your small bag pack? You can get the small items like local necklaces, bracelets, coin purses and those types. No need to buy the whole shop or it will really ruin an already tight budget. If you need a souvenir, then take a photo. It’s cheap and free.

Don’t drink booze when you have a tight budget.

The biggest budget booster when travelling are alcohol and spirits. In just about country, this tops the biggest budget breaker. So if you plan to drink, consider your budget. But if perhaps your host will be treating you to a beer or two, or in places you haven’t been before, then perhaps it’s okay to give it a shot.

Check out more tight budget travel tips from the video below: