Top Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is perhaps among the best places to go that offers a lot of surprises and places to see. They have a great culture and heritage not to mention great people and hospitality. Before we packed for Thailand, we made sure that we have everything we need in our travel bags. I didn’t forget to bring with me phentermine375 because I am sure I am going to eat a lot in my days in Thailand.

Me and my husband are minimalists so we packed as few things as possible. We thought only of essentials to bring on the trip. Any thing we can buy such as toiletries, we left behind. This post is not actually packing for the trip but to share with you top places we visited in Thailand.

Top Places to Visit in Thailand

Bangkok. When in Thailand, you have to visit Bangkok. It is the first stop we ever made as soon as we got off the plane. Bangkok is a busy place and depending on the place in Bangkok, you can actually find the best that Thailand has to offer. It is a city blended with diversity in terms of culture, modern living, and heritage. In Bangkok, there are shopping malls, arcades, five star hotels, tall buildings, and busy streets. You will also find temples, museums, and other historical places in the city.

Phuket. On our third day in Thailand, we didn’t miss the chance to travel to Phuket to experience great white sand beaches and sunsets. Visit the Karon, Kata, Kamala, Patong, and Surin Beach. You will surely love the waves and the people. You will find many water sports activities. For sure, a visit to Phuket will be one lovely and memorable visit.

Chiang Mai. My husband is a lover of temples and so we decided to visit Chiang Mai. By research, I found out that it’s the second largest city in Thailand. Our visit there was quiet and relaxing. We get to see museums and Buddhist temples. We even had the chance to watch a play at the Chiang Mai Cultural Center.

Pattaya. We didn’t have much time to visit other cities due to our limited time of visit. But on our next visit, we will surely visit Pattaya. Locals said Pattaya also offers wonderful beaches, sports activities, and a night life you will never forget.

Hotel accommodation, food , and transportation is relatively cheap. With a budget of £2k after airfare and prebooked hotels, we were able to survive and bring home some change.