The Basics of Packing Less and Traveling Light

travelWhile we love to travel, we hate to carry a lot of stuff while travelling. So it is wise to pack less and travel light so that we enjoy the trip instead of fast forwarding the trip.

Packing less may seem to be overwhelming especially if you are a female. But guess what? You can actually make it work! It is a challenge at first but as you practice it more often, you will it really beneficial for you.

Use the principle of bag per person in each travel. So if you travel as a family, then each one will have to pack their own stuff in one bag too.

If you are a family of five, then you will have five bags. Each member of the family will be responsible for his or her own bag.

What to pack in just one bag?

To have everything you need in one bag, you have to think of the essentials. Meaning, bring only what you need.

Change clothes. Bring with you clothes that you can mix and match so that you don’t have to bring a quarter of your closet but just a few pairs that you can mix and match on your journey.
Thin and easy to dry garments. Stick to clothes that are easily washed and dried, and thin enough to fold to make space for other essentials.
A pair of shoes and slippers. Wear the shoes and pack the slippers.
• Pack toiletries that are in sachets or in travel packs.
Learn how to fold wisely. It is in the way you fold that you get to make everything fit in just one bag.

Watch this: How to Pack Clothes for Traveling

Other essentials you want to pack:

Your Music. Traveling becomes light and easy with your favorite playlist saved in your ipods. Use your headphones. You may want to try one of the best mixing headphones this will allow you to enjoy good music without bothering the person next to you.

Mobile Phone. Communication is essential especially if you are away so keep your phone handy at all times. Even when traveling abroad, it is always good to have your mobile phone ready and set to roaming.

Compact Camera. Don’t be content with your phone’s camera. Bring with you the real deal to capture the best moments in high resolution.