Packing Up When Travelling in Motorcycles

motorcycle tripMotorcycles are great vehicles for single travellers. It may not have all the requirements you need to travel in comfort but it gives you flexibility and some kind of adventure – it’s traveling in style.

Any motorcycle biker who plans to go on long rides should have some simple planning in place. You should know what to pack and what not to pack. Traveling in bike means packing less and planning more.

Packing for a motorcycle trip can seem to be a little bit daunting especially if it is your first time, but the good news is that you do not have bring with you a lot of bags to carry your stuff.

How to Pack for a Long Motorcycle Trip

What to pack for that long trip

Here is a check list on what a biker should bring in his travel (of course, helmet is mandatory so it is not included in the list)

  • Rainproof saddlebags. You will need a waterproof saddlebag to carry smaller stuff that you are going to need in your travel. Choose a saddle bag that is big enough just to hold the things you need.
  • Pack a rain suit to protect you from unexpected rains. Choose a rain gear that is heat resistant from your ankles up to your knee.
  • You will need lots of water during your travel so keep a big water bottle that can last you through the travel until you can get a refill.
  • Change clothes. Shirt and undies are important. You can be travelling for a day or two so you will need to have change clothes when you stop by the nearest inn to sleep and take a shower.
  • Small medicine kit. Pack an aspirin, bandaid and other stuff you will need for first aid.
  • Tool set. Your tool set should have the essentials for your bike in case the need arise. You will want to have a compact tool kit that has best digital torque wrench, nut drivers, screw drivers, wrenches and others.

Here are other important notes when planning your travel.

  • Check your bike. It should be in good condition before hitting the road.
  • Know your way to your destination.
  • Know the nearest gas station.
  • Plan a place to stay to rest and freshen up
  • Plan a place to eat
  • Charge your mobile phone for proper communication.