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Over Scribing: What You Need to Know

log cabinScribing will be the method utilized by handcrafted log homebuilders to participate the changing programs of logs together. The scriber moves the curves of the low wood towards the wood above using the pen.

The contractor then needs to slice the level along with horizontal or the dance, carefully following a pen point first having a fine chisel then having a chainsaw. Once cutout as well as in place the most effective wood fits firmly towards the lower wood along this “scribe” line.

How then can we cope with this expected shrinkage?

Over Scribing.

It where’s the sole proven approach to making sure the shared between your logs remains tight during sign seasoning.

The idea is clearly fairly simple and demands the level be scribed at the horizontal groove as well as one setting be scribed in a larger environment. This means that whilst the log decreases ensure structural integrity and in size the level will stay.

When you have ever seen a classic log house you probably realized that the horizontal groove was limited but there have been gaps between your logs in the steps.

The inspiration is you the customer to make sure that your contractor  follows along with this “guidelines” when creating your cabin. Due to the additional time it requires to apply some contractors will not make use of this technique.

If your contractor doesn’t readily reveal that they’re that way you then must really consider going elsewhere. The final feel you would like will be the breeze blowing during your log home since your contractor refused to over scribe.

The bottomline is the fact that over scribing may be the only technique that’s been identified to counter act the problems related to the effects as well as log shrinkage to log home construction.

There has been several variations with this technique through the years but none have already been easy and as stylish as good old fashioned over scribing! Get ready to decorate your new cabin and reap the rewards of your hard work and hard-earned money.

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With everything in place, you can start retreating to your cabin for a restful weekend or a longer stay.