Life Hacks You Will Surely Use On Your Next Beach Vacation

Going on a vacation by the beach? You are going to need all your beach stuff ready. Don’t forget your beach umbrella, beach towel, and other beach accessories. Planning on this vacation is really exciting. When on the real vacation, there are somethings that you may have missed out, and when that happens these life hacks by The King of Random, Grant Thompson, are just so handy and can be a life saver.  

Plan what to bring and pack smart. This could be one of those things that you should really keep in mind. If you are travelling alone, it would be easy to pack less. But when you are traveling with the family, packing should be carefully thought of. It pays of in the end.

Life Hacks When Vacationing By The Beach


The Magic Powder! 

Walking around barefoot on a sandy beach is very relaxing, but you’re quickly going to find the bottoms of your feet get caked in a very fine sand that nothing seems to remove and that’s frustrating! Here’s what you do:

  • Load up a rag with a pile of baby powder right in the center. Then use a string or rubber bands to tie it into a ball and you’ve just created a super sand remover that will seem to to work miracles. Tap it to your skin and it releases moisture-absorbing powder and prevents any new sand from sticking in its place.
  • So, when it’s time to head back to the car, just sit down, brush off your feet a bit, and give your skin a little rub. Like magic, the grains of sand all slide off with ease leaving your feet feeling silky, smooth, and sand-free. This also works on arms, legs, and even the tops of your sandals as well so, no more problems with sticky, irritating, and stubborn sand.

Disguise your Keys!

When you pull up to the beach it’s not always convenient to take your car keys with you, but you won’t find lockers at the beach and you can’t take your keys with you in the ocean either, do what do you do?

Try looping a long sturdy blade of grass through your keychain, tying it off to form a ring. Then press the loop into one of the top treads of your tire, holding it in place with a small pebble. Flip the keys back so they dangle behind the tire and they’ll be out of sight, out of mind, and off the ground as well. So they won’t get exposed to moisture if it rains while you’re gone.

Seal that Phone! 

You can avoid getting water and sand in your phone by dropping it into a clear plastic sandwich bag and sealing it up airtight. This beeps u your phone resistance to the elements but still allows you to text, watch videos, and even make phone calls as well.

Improvised water-proof case! 

If you open a small gap in one of the corners of your sandwich bag and suck the air out, it will create a vacuum seal around your phone that can act as an improvised water-proof case. Zip up the seal airtight again, and you’ve got a make-shift underwater video camera that you can use to check out the open ocean around you but do it on your own risk.

Don’t get sick, it’s your Summer Vacation! 

Nothing’s worse than being sick when you’re on vacation, so before you actually get sick, try adding a pinch of salt and baking soda to a cup of water to give your sinuses a rinse. Pour the mixture into one of your nostrils, and it will fill up your sinuses completely to the point where it starts flowing freely out the other side. It looks and feels incredibly bizarre, but it helps wash away pollen, bacteria, and any other irritants festering up inside before they become a problem. It is a real technique and it really does work, and it just might help with the quality of your next vacation.