How To Look Less Haggard When Travelling

MANAGING my small business requires me to travel a lot from Hongkong to the small streets of Kinscho in Tokyo. My travels taught me how to master  the skill of looking unfettered and more presentable before i walk into the board room for presentations. One thing I learned from my travels is that a quick 30-minute or an hour massage after a plane ride can rejuvenate your system. Mississauga massage therapy is my secret to looking good even right after a flight.

How do i look less haggard during a flight?

There are three things that i do whenever i am travelling. But the bottom line of these three things is to get myself moisturized and hydrated inside and out.

  1. Drink lots of fluids. I bring with me a 1 litter jug of water in my travels all the time. Water keeps my body hydrated inside and keeps me feeling fresh through out the journey. Water also helps bring oxygen to the brain thus making me more alert and less sluggish when traveling.
  2. Skin moisturizers. While you want to keep your body hydrated from the inside, you would also want to keep your skin looking hydrated and moisturized. Bringing with you akin moisturizers and anti UV lotion works great.
  3. Quick gargle, toothbrush and retouch. When you arrive your destination. It is  good idea to have a quick visit to the washroom. Have a quick gargle and tooth brush. Finally, re touch a light make up and give yourself a quick view.

Airplane/Traveling Hair, Makeup,Outfit! +My Carry on essentials

Packing your essentials in your carry on bag is a great way to be ready and looking fresh even after you get off the plane. If you have to rush from the airport to the board room, you can look fresh and great without really looking exhausted from the trip.

Pack light is always the way to go. So before you head on to your trip, it’s nice to plan what to bring and what not to bring. If you have more travelling rips in mind, share it to us.

My hours of travel had become a pleasure. It allows me to unwind and rethink ideas juggling in my head. While thinking can be exhausting, I take the 2-hour flight to rest my head.  My favorite is by the window because the mere look at the clouds forming a cotton like sponge above head and allows me to see some things from another perspective.