Crypto for Travel and Tourism

Why is cryptocurrency growing in popularity? Why is there a need to create Bitcoin signals for people? Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology can now be enjoyed in many different ways including in the industry of travel and tourism. Virtual currencies can now be used to pay for your travel fare, accommodation services, tipping, and more. Here are a few examples of how a number of crypto-based projects for the sector on travel and tourism.

Aditus sells itself as the first luxury access platform for individuals who have plenty of cryptocurrencies. After a formal partnership with Rendezvous in January of 2018, their project that is based on crypto was launched. The company kept its Initial Coin Offering or ICO in December and amassed 7.1 million US dollars. At Phuket Rendezvous, they demonstrated their alpha version of the Aditus app and platform. The event exhibited over 100 luxury merchants, as well as yacht brokers, top of the line property developers, bespoke hotels, travel arrangers. It has drawn over and above 6,000 guests from around Europe and South East Asia. The token, Aditus, will be used to buy offers from merchants such as travel fare, rental payments, concierge services and user engagement incentive. The platform will likewise consent to payment in other digital currencies. The said tokens are now offered for sale on crypto exchanges like Coinbene.

The Beenest App, which utilizes the Bee Token, is a decentralized person-to-person home-sharing network that is built on Bee Protocols that link hosts with guests where commissions are not taken. The platform enables people to book or reserve homes using digital currency. Furthermore, hosts who desire to rent out their apartments can earn an extra income by sharing their homes to visitors who are searching for a more unique and quiet place to stay. This option also ofers travelers to save money while making the most of their vacation.

Based on Ethereum blockchain, BitAir allows clienteles to expend token in payment for services that are related to tourism and travel which also includes the booking of plane tickets and making reservations. They use blockchain to reduce travel and expenses cost. They also want to eradicate any inconveniences, hassles, and delays. It was selected as the most useful and effective method of payment by Asia Pacific Travel, one of the most famous agencies in Asia for online air ticket.

Pay With Crypto To Travel