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Five Foods to Prevent Before Flying

A hamburger, French fries and ketchup pre flight anxiety — sparked by security checkpoints, countless luggage lines and screaming kids — do not need to increase to worries of repeat visits towards the airplane toilet. But eat the incorrect thing before you travel, and you will be competitive with a lot more than simply a terrible in-flight room or film -invading neighbor.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, eat nuts and some carrot sticks, and checkout our five meals prohibited for pre flight use.

McDonald’s Extra Value Meal

Ok, so we are using Mickey Nis whilst the embodiment of fried, artery-blocking junk food joints usually present in airports.

The Gas Giants

Whilst the character of the pressurized aircraft cabin encourages further bloating for obvious reasons, it is wise to avoid foods that promote abdominal growth.


For all fliers, downing several drinks is a part of their pre flight process. It acts as being a liquid sleeping pill, and will help allay anxiety about flying.

Carbonated Beverages

While traveling, and particularly on the long haul, it will help to think about oneself like a tremendous player, fighting from the causes of real discomfort, contamination, rude flight attendants as well as the smelly man sitting alongside you.”


In research published within the journal Science — and mentioned in a New York Times article — scientists recommended that fasting for around each day before an extended trip might actually help fight off jetlag.